I Am in Sydals, Denmark for some weeks, until July 3. 2019. I am with my family, enjoy my days here, but also I do my Healing and Clayrvoyant work from here as well. 

I have my Healing bench in a nice and cosy room, also my Big Flower of Love (Life) and Isis, Chrystals and my cards 🙂

July 3 I start on my way to Trondheim, Norway. I will work there until July 9, and still have a little space for you left. My Healing room there is at LOTUS senter, Fjordgata 5. 

Altea in Spain is my next stop from July 10. I will be able to receive some clients there in Calle Clot de Mengot 8 until July 22.   More updates willl come then, to where I AM 🙂

Please do not hesitate to ask me further question, about my work, and book time. Also please take a look at my Spiritual Journey to Egypt, March 11 - 24. 2020