The Portal of Isis

Egypt Journey March 11-24. 2020

Isis Healing Gull Aanes




If You feel the call in Your Soul to go to Egypt and walk in the footsteps of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and the Queens. And the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.To walk through the Portal of Isis and to go on with your Pathway further, or to get your completion of your many lifetimes memory here, then I will say Welcome to join me for this wonderful Soul Journey with Isis.

 The deeper meaning of your Journey will show up little by little, meanwhile you will meditate inside Temples and on the deck when we go by Dahabeya many days of quiet sailing on the Nile. You can hear the whispering from the water droplets, and the message they will sing just for you.                         

           This is a wonderful Healing Journey for every cell of your being and you will be spoiled with all the beauty and Luxus for you.

You will be so very well taken care of with the best of everything. And the ancient goods and goddesses is lined up all around you and welcome you back. You remember so well eats other.




 When you are at the Nile and have the nice and quiet sailing,   then you can listen to the waterdrops whispering of the songs and wisdom just for You.                                                                            The birds melodious singing and the water buffalos grunting.   The Amazing Sunrise and Sunset along the river Nile, that you will never forget.                          .

Here is so so much for You to become the magic of.

  Gull Aanes/Isis Healing 

      Spiritual Guide, Healer and Clairvoyant Reading

 Read this carefully, then go into your heart and soul. When you feel that this is for you, Please, do not hesitate to email or call me, and for any further question.

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