Gull Aanes Isis Healing

 I do my Healing and Clairvoyant Reading work at

LOTUS senter in Trondheim, Norway.                                Or I just sit quiet in my home to do Skype Reading and distant Healing,  also using my amazing Chrystal bowl.                                               And this I bring with me to wherever I am in my travveling so You can book appointment with me wherever I am.


Reiki Master

Melchizedk Master all levels 

Gaiadon Heart Master all levels

Founder of The Northern LIght STAR

I do teaching in self healing and educating oneself.

I do Clairvoyant Reading classes

I do classes in The Seven Sacred Flames

and sometimes in The Keys of Enoch.

I bring Spiritual Groups to Egypt, 

and sometimes to Mt.Shasta in California.